Floral Denim Blooms on Campus

Dayna Bloch
Guest Writer

Photo courtesy of trendsence.com

First seen in the ‘70s with well-known flare, floral denim has found a new shape and has made a comeback. At first glance this is a loud trend, being unique and a little “out-there” and when paired with the proper garb, these pants definitely make a bold statement.

This revived trend is so striking; you either love it or hate it. It seems that students at LHU aren’t adventurous enough to rock the floral denim, but the ones that are have one word to describe them; awesome.

On the opposite side, students have made it obvious they don’t support the floral. “Grandma called, she wants her tablecloth back,” said Shelby Stone, a sophomore studying criminal justice.

Floral denim is not a new thing, but hit the streets of Lock Haven after these prints walked down the runway at this year’s New York Fashion week. This trend can been worn simply with monotone colored tops and blazers for a fun, yet sophisticated look; but can be matched in a more drastic way with bright heels and patterned tops. The most common way to wear this trend on campus is with a simple shirt that matches a color in the floral pattern.

Floral denims are one way to create a distinctive style, even for the most timid dressers. When worn with the right ensemble, floral can create a chic new look. It may take a couple of swings before the outfit looks like it was an easy effort, but if you’re looking to go out with an edgy style this trend may be the right way to turn.

Whether these pants are seen as an instant buy or as something that never should have escaped the ‘70s, they definitely make a bold statement when treading through campus.



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