“Ladyhawke” soars in reviewer’s opinion

Kathleen Ellison
Guest Writer

Photo courtesy of livejournal.com

In every college student’s life, there are times when you can’t afford that movie ticket and you’re forced to check out the rental section. For a fantasy lover like me, Ladyhawke is my go to choice.

This medieval fantasy movie, directed by Richard Donner and released in 1985, has it all: comedy, action, love and a star studded cast of Mathew Broderick, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer, Leo McKern, and John Wood.

This movie is about a humorous thief named Philippe Gaston, aka “Mouse”, who escapes from the fortress Aquila, which is ruled by an archbishop. Philippe is rescued by a mysterious knight, who has an ulterior motive for aiding the thief. The knight, Navarre, is a cold character whose only companion is a beautiful hawk, and is a stark contrast to the quick witted and sarcastic Philippe. But Philippe begins to realize he has become involved with something much more unusual when he keeps seeing a beautiful mysterious woman at night, who is accompanied by a black wolf.

Although this movie has an unfortunately somewhat bad soundtrack due to that fact that it was made in the techno eighties. However, it is easy to overlook the musical flaws when you hear the beautifully written dialogue. The script could have been written by the muses themselves the way it flows and Philippe’s comedic monologues always make me smile.

My favorite aspect about it is the cinematography. Throughout the movie you are presented with breathtaking scenes of rough medieval landscape. Occasionally, there are choppy shots. The way light and dark is portrayed throughout the movie just enhances the tone of mystery. Intense battle scenes and suspenseful moments are shown perfectly and executed with excellence.

Every second is pure gold despite the weird mix of eighties techno and orchestra music, but even that seems to add to ethereal beauty of the film. The plot is one that will enchant you again and again. It is the perfect movie for a relaxing evening and one I strongly suggest to any person who enjoys a good simple fantasy story or likes eighties movies.

Agree with our assessment of “Ladyhawke” or do you think it should stay on the shelf? Tell us your opinions at lhueagleeye.wordpress.com.

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