Rec Center offers fitness and fun

Meghan Dashe
Guest Writer

Students shake their stuff while working out in the zumba class
Photo courtesy of Meghan Dashe

There’s many ways you can get fit and have fun at the Lock Haven University Rec Center. Aside from all the new equipment and flooring that was added over the summer, the wide range of fitness classes available to students and faculty are great ways to get in shape as well! So what exactly are the fitness classes offered at the rec?

Zumba, which is a high energy, Latin inspired, dance workout is a very popular class among students at LHU. This class is taught on the basketball courts, due to the high number of participants. A 50 minute session of constant moving and shaking is a great way to work up a sweat. Students move and shake it to a mix of Latin inspired songs, as well as current pop and hip hop hits to keep the beat and the energy up.  Yoga classes are offered in the rec center as well. They are a great way to stretch out your muscles after a long day of classes and sweat off all the tension of exams and projects. Yoga classes help to relax your mind, body, and soul, and students don’t need to have their own yoga mats to do so; mats are available at the rec front desk to borrow for the class in exchange for leaving your i.d.  Another popular class is Fit n’ Firm, which is an upbeat workout class that’s fast paced and very high energy. This class works every muscle in your body, and you’ll feel great after taking it. Don’t be afraid to try any of these classes because they are all taught by students right here at the university! Come out and try one, two, or all of the classes the Rec Center has to offer!

For a Complete list of classes and times visit:



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