Student government will ‘exist to help others’

Jessica Joseph
Guest Writer

After almost a year and a half of going through the legal steps and paper work, Lock Haven University will make the final transition into their new student government – called the Student Auxiliary Services – during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Brent Barges is a senior secondary ed. math major who got the SAS off its feet and is trying to get the students on campus more involved. He partook in the Students Affairs Committee, who asked for his assistance in recreating the student government. He helped create the constitution last January and has made a hard effort to get it out on campus.

“It has been a long, exciting, up and down process to get to this point,” Barge said.

The SAS is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the State of Pennsylvania.

“The SAS incorporated a Board of Directors in 2010 whose responsibility is to oversee the distribution of student activities fees and to create policies and procedures in accordance with established State System guidelines and Act 188,” said Linda Koch, vice president for student affairs.

The Board of Directors is made up of five people, two of the directors are LHU students and three are community members. They have the responsibility of reviewing and creating policies that help govern the SAS at Lock Haven employees, operation of the bookstore and vending services or any other type of corporate matters.

The previous student government – the Student Cooperative Council – worked much differently than the SAS will work. The SCC was run only by students and they were in charge of approving the other budgets of clubs on the university’s campus. The SAS is now split up into five committees. The committees include advocacy, community service and outreach, programming, campus life, and an executive committee. The different committees were created so that there is no bias happening when it comes to club funding.

The Student Government Board, a coinciding part of the SAS, is a club that any student can join. It is a place where students can go to address issues that they are having on campus. Committees will be formed in the SGB that will help address these issues. It will also help in the formation of new clubs and organizations on campus.

“The separation of responsibilities will enable the student body to focus on issues of concern to students,” Koch said.

According to the Lock Haven University SAS Constitution, the Executive Committee will help run the SGB. There are 25 positions that will be filled by students. Of these, 17 positions are elected by class. There are four representatives from each academic class and one graduate student. The other eight positions will be filled by one student from six different on campus activities such as Haven Activities and Greek Organizations and two from the Leadership Council, which is anyone on campus.  To be able to run for a position of the executive committee you need to be a full or part time student in good standing with the university and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

There are also four officer positions on the SGB that are elected out of the 25 members of the Executive Committee. The positions are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, The term chair is used because the SAS did not want this to seem to powerful.

The SGB helps with student issues that once were done by multiple organizations. A project that they are doing now is the voting registration on campus. Next semester they also plan on doing the Budget Cut Rally and running the trips to Pennsylvania’s capital.

“I am happy that there is somewhere that students can go with issues because I have had some problems but was not sure who to go too,” Kathryn Grey, a junior athletic training major, said.

“We exist to help others,” Koch said.

Elections will be held at the end of the fall semester to vote on people for the SGB. The SAS is also looking for a representative for the senior class, the sophomore class, and two people to represent the Leadership Council.

“This was created so if any student really wanted to we could find a way for them to get involved,” Barge said.

 If you are interested in joining the Student Government Board please contact Brent Barge at


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