Diabetes: A guide to eating healthy on campus

By Jennifer Layton
Copy Editor

September 27, 2012

Photo Courtesy of diet-meals.us
Shrimp stirfry with a side of rice can be a delicious and diabetes friendly meal.

Having recently had to completely change my diet when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I dreaded having to come back to campus to complete my senior year. Bentley doesn’t exactly have the best kinds of food on a daily basis…or so I thought. It was easy enough to grab a slice of pizza, or a cheeseburger and fries, and the ice cream station is always open! But these are not the best choices when trying to diet. Even if there isn’t a medical reason why, eating healthy as a student is a very difficult task to bear. Luckily, upper Bentley does, in fact have a few options to utilize to help maintain healthy food options.

The Saute’ station- when you walk through the doors, continue walking forward, and you have found the sauté station. Loaded with fresh veggies and some meat options (mostly tiny shrimp), utilizing this option to cook fresh veggies to your liking is my personal favorite, and is a great way to get the veggie portion of your meal!

The salad bar- of COURSE there is a salad bar! Personally, I’m not one for salads, but to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the pounds down, choosing the salad bar is a quick way to make a yummy lunch option, or as a side to dinner. Just remember that dressing and cheese should be minimal in order to keep that salad green!

Although cereal isn’t the best way to a balanced meal, choosing the healthier option of Cheerios and soy milk, with a good heaping of fruit makes a great start to the day. Wait… Bentley has soy milk? Yes! In the Nature’s Haven area is a small fridge, which houses multiple types of soy milk. Oh, the soy joy!

Making small changes to your diet, for example, cutting out soda, or trying to eat more fruits and veggies, is a great start to changing yourself for the better. Eating healthier helps keep up the immune system and regulates digestion, for “inner peace” as well as peace of mind.

For healthy tips, or a more in-depth discussion on dealing with diabetes, please message the Eagle Eye on Facebook, or send an email to jlayton@lhup.edu, subject line Diabetes help!



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