Emmy Awards: Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

By Meghan Dashe
Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of menlisa.com

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre on Sept. 23 in Los Angeles. Before the stars entered the venue and took their seats, they walked the red carpet where photographers snapped pictures of the actors and actresses looking what they thought was their best… or was it?

For the guys, many of the top “hits” were men wearing classic Armani suits, like Jon Hamm from the hit TV show “Mad Men.”  Another celeb looking sharp was “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul, who sported a brown Prada suit, complemented with a light brown bow tie.

When it comes down to the ladies, yellow was surprisingly a very popular color, although the color choice may not have been a great idea for some of the starlets. The hues ranged from bright canary to a subdued mustard shade.

Actress Julie Bowen from the TV show “Modern Family” and “Homeland” actress Claire Danes both rocked the color beautifully. Hannah Simone, from the hit TV show “New Girl,” wasn’t so lucky in her floor length Emilio Pucci dress, which looked frumpy and unflattering on the usually quite stylish woman.

We know it’s a cliché by now, but “shades of gray” (no there were not 50 of them) was a second trend that was noticed on the red carpet.

This rather neutral color can also work against an actress, washing her complexion out, fading her into the background, while more vibrant hues arrive at the step-and-repeat lines. Gray is similar to yellow in the aspect that it takes a certain person to be able to pull it off. Let’s hope the misses of this years Emmy awards make a drastic change for next year!


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