Fashionology 101 with Dayna Blotch

Milan Fashion week: Spring styles to come

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We haven’t even broken out the winter coats yet but the designers at Milan’s Fashion Week are already showing off their collections for next spring, giving insight into the up-and-coming trends.

This year, the fashion lovers in Milan got a look at the trends that will be seen in the upcoming season; it is a clear distinction of what designers support which trends and exactly what styles are considered “in” and “out” this year.

As of September 19, following New York and London, Milan has been given the green light to show off their pastels, bold patterns, and elegant designs.

Thick horizontal stripes will be an instant hit throughout stores after being seen all over Milan during the beginning of Fashion Week. Clearly stripes are nothing new, but because they are a pattern that can be paired with almost anything, stripes are an easy way to spice up a boring outfit.

However they may “only work well when done the right way,” says Sara Sands, a fourth year Early Education major. Whether on a top, scarf or a cute skirt, stripes are simple go-to patterns that work in any season, and, when paired with the proper accessories, this trend can easily become a favorite among closets everywhere.

Light-weight dresses are another look that will be a must have for the new season. Seen in Milan with faded colors and lace, these dresses are both comfortable and chic, and a perfect way to look great when working hard through a day of classes or hitting the town for a hot dinner date.

“Dresses are an easy way to look your best without putting forth a whole lot of effort,” Megan Sargent, a third year early education major, said.

Not only for the spring/summer season, dresses can be brought into the cooler weather by being matched with tall boots, long-sleeve cardigans, or even a pair of cute tights. No matter how they’re brought into the cool weather, dresses are guaranteed to make a statement.

Bold accessories, structured shoes, sharp cuts, and flowing colors are things that any student will be able to mix and match through the week for a chic and well-dressed look.

Simple head scarfs holding up a bun full of hair was seen throughout the runway shows, showing off an easy way to create a laid-back hairstyle in a cute way.

Oversized chandelier earrings are another must-have from the week in Milan; whether brightly colored or a simple feather, big earrings are a way to spruce up the most boring of outfits and don’t usually cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Many of the shoes seen on the runway can be considered far-fetched and even a little dangerous to walk in, but the point of the outrageous shoes was to show how to add color and confidence to an outfit; all it takes is the right pair of shoes to make a statement.

This year, Milan’s Fashion Week was a time for designers to show off their newest ideas about what should be worn in the new seasons.

With the beginning of Milan Fashion Week, it is easy to see what trends students will be able to make work during their semesters at Lock Haven.

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