Hey ho, let’s vote!

By Ariel Guerra
Ads Team

September 27, 2012

Voting — it’s that thing that everybody is doing now-a-days, or rather, will be doing once Election Day rolls around. Unfortunately, some of the students here at the Haven may not be casting their vote come November 6th.

With the majority of freshman being 18 and 19 years old, for most students this will be their first time voting. Aside from first time jitters, some students on campus have no idea how to take part in the magic of Democracy.  The polling office in Lock Haven is located at East Campus, but that brings up a new problem: some students aren’t registered to vote here in Clinton County.

“We’ve had 50 new voters register between this week and the Club Fair,” stated senior Brent Barge, a member of the Student Government Board. Barge, fellow senior Amy Parde and freshman Josee Zydonik set up a table outside of Price Auditorium and registered as many students as they could. The group agrees that the problem with the lack of registered college voters is an overwhelming one at best.

However, there is one way this problem can be rectified: college students who chose to remain registered at their home address have the option to apply for an absentee ballot.

Junior Ashley Cowan was hesitant to vote. “When I was home my dad took a voter registration application, sat me down and had me fill it out.”  Her father had her fill out an absentee ballot form as well.  “Looks like I will be voting after all,” Cowan laughed.

As overwhelming as this may be, applying for an absentee ballot is a simple task. One must first check that they are registered to vote, then download the Application, a PDF file, fill it out and send it to said voter’s specific County Election Office. The upside of applying by absentee ballot is that the ballot must be received by the County Election Office by 5 p.m.  the Tuesday before Election Day.

If opposed to voting via absentee ballot, a registered college voter can also apply for a change of address.  Much simpler than applying for an absentee ballot, one can go about changing their address by filling out a new voter registration application. These can be obtained at the Clinton County Election Office, located at East Campus. Although much simpler than applying for an absentee ballot, a new voter registration application must be filled out 30 days prior to an election.



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