iLost?: Glitches in Apple’s new Map App

By Tim Dolan
Guest Writer

September 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of

In case you’re still hiding under your rock, the iPhone 5 came out this week. Apparently, this is a big deal. People waited days in line just to be the first to get their hands on the slick new technology.  As expected, tech reviewers have been raving about the new phone and its operating system, iOS 6, but is it all really flowers and sunshine? Apparently, Apple’s new Maps application is a glaring blemish on an otherwise clean slate. People have been reporting many glitches and errors with the new app and even big time Apple lovers admit maybe the new Maps app is a little half baked.

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 5, the reports of glitches and issues with the new Maps application started leaking out. Apparently there are some pretty nifty new features like interactive 3D models of cities and turn by turn GPS directions. However, people started noticing Apple’s Maps weren’t getting them to their destination as well as Apple’s previous mapping app, Google Maps. The new turn-by-turn directions tend to take users the scenic route to their destination, if it can even get them there at all. Not to mention, the snazzy new 3D models tend to be glitchy and make landmarks like New York’s Manhattan bridge look like it is being melted by alien death rays.

This whole Maps fiasco all comes back to the so called “tech war” between the makers of Android/Google and Apple. In a move to distance themselves from their competitors, Apple decided to take Google Maps out of the Apple App Stores and a stab at the Map app game. Now that Apple’s application has been revealed, both Android users and employees now take pride in gloating how superior their software is to Apple’s.

So, how does this “war” affect you, and should you get yourself in the middle of it? Well, if you know what you like and where you are going, Apple’s new iPhone is probably still for you, but if you’re still feeling your way around the big city you may want to stick with a Droid.


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