Jacoby Falls: A peaceful and picturesque trail

By Spencer Myers
Copy Editor

September 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of flickr.com/shawng13

Your vision is obscured by the lines of crossed patterned evergreen needles as you crouch to avoid low hanging branches.  To your left the mountain rises with a natural slope while on your right water that still flows has eroded dirt and stone down into a gentle groove.  Finally – after some water has soaked into your left boot and you’ve realized you forgot to bring water – the trail opens up and reveals a jutting slab of stone with a steady stream flowing over and down. Breathe it all in.

Jacoby Falls is a short and peaceful hike located in the Loyalsock state forest just northeast of Williamsport that provides a picturesque example of what Pennsylvania wilderness is all about.  It’s a relaxing hike as the trail maintains a steady incline and never really pushes you.

The main attractions are the sights.  Try hiking it in the winter months when the water cascading over the rocks freezes and forms ice caves – it’s brilliant to see and brings out your inner child when you romp around inside of them, break off icicles, and, for a moment, pretend you have your own Fortress of Solitude.  If you don’t think you can handle the cold air in your lungs then try the early spring when the waterfall is fueled by the melting snow.

If you’re the type that wants to turn off their cellphone and shirk all responsibility for a day then oblige yourself with the sights of Jacoby Falls.

Difficulty: Nice and easy

Distance: 1.6 miles to the top

Camping: Camping is allowed if you diverge into the state forest and get a free permit beforehand.

Directions from Lock Haven: Get on 180 towards Williamsport, take exit 23a, go left on E 3rd street, take a left onto Warrensville Road, once you hit the town of Warrensville take a right onto 973, right before the Slabtown bridge take a left onto Wallis Run, after another scenic drive there will be an ample gravel parking lot on your right with a sign.


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