RA Dispels Fairview Myths

By Kyle Brett
Guest Writer

September 27, 2012

I am writing in response to the article “Fairview Suites up and running: Underwhelming and over-priced?” from the September 20th issue.

As a paraprofessional of the Lock Haven University Residence Life staff (fancy way of saying RA), I feel obligated to respond to some of the gross exaggerations and general misconceptions surrounding Fairview Suites.

First off, allow me to clarify that the building is new. This makes minor technical glitches and mishaps–such as the fire alarm incident and dryer issues–quite reasonable. This is considered normal by all regards in the lifespan of a building. When I was a new resident assistant in McEntire, I experienced the same exact issues that were reported within the Suites.  I can assure the campus community that all technical issues are being or have been addressed in a timely and efficient manner.  In short, no building, regardless of age, is perfect. Every building occasionally succumbs to minor technical hiccups.

As for the complaints about chipping paint, water leakage, malfunctioning air conditioning units, and stained countertops, one must wonder how well these residents listened to the instructions from the residence life staff during move-in. I would like to address all of these issues:

Chipping paint: During the move-in process, all residents were informed of the proper way to hang items on the new paint. The putty-like substance, known as sticky tack, is confirmed to not harm the freshly painted white walls. Unfortunately, the residence life staff cannot assure that all residents will heed this information.

Water leakage: Any problem must be reported immediately to a member of Residence Life. Without informing the residence life staff, the issue cannot be addressed. Simple.

Air conditioning: Many of my residents did not notice that when setting the thermostat to a certain point the system is allowed a two to three degree leeway. For example: if I set my AC to 71, I can expect a room that is anywhere between 71-74 degrees. Again, if residents have any issue they are to report it to Residence Life.

Stained countertops: Another simple, yet cruel sounding answer: clean it. For those of us living in the Suites, we no longer share a common area to bathe and establish proper hygiene, and therefore no longer have the luxury of a daily cleaning service. This now means that residents are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own living spaces (a foreign concept to some college students). I, too, have stained countertops by my sink. I have fixed the issue by cleaning the area well with soap and warm water. It is important to note that affordable cleaning supplies are available in the PUB bookstore.

Those who are feeling gypped or have a certain grudge against their reasonable living accommodations (compare prices from other state institutions for suite-based housing) can solve most if not all of these issues by being a proactive and mature adult. The residence life staff on campus strives to make the college experience a safe, healthy learning and living environment for all Lock Haven students living on campus. I know from personal experience that the residence life staff at the Suites is committed to the well-being of their many residents. We all hope that everyone can enjoy their new, modern housing accommodations.


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