Downtown Lock Haven with Lacy Guglioccello

October 4th, 2012

Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. is a non-profit organization that prides itself on making Lock Haven a stronger community through promoting local businesses and maintaining the historic appearance of Lock Haven.

One of our goals is to invite students to utilize the local businesses in Lock Haven and help our small businesses prosper. For instance, if you’re an education major or just looking for supplies for an upcoming presentation, The Bus Stops Here is your one stop location for all of your teaching supply needs.

In addition, we give back to the University students. When the Lock Haven University R.A.’s recently and had a scavenger hunt the winners received a tee shirt from Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. We also provide local maps, pamphlets and offers from businesses within the community, along with a calendar of events to help make our community feel more like home.

Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. is located at 205 East Main Street and can be reached at (570)-748-1576. For more information, contact Lacy Gugliocciello at (570)-367-0911 or email her at


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