Free apps every student should try

By Kayla Marsh
Guest Writer

October 4th, 2012

The students at Lock Haven University are a technologically advanced group of people. Most of the students at LHU have smart phones. The app that every music-loving student needs is Sound Hound. Let’s say that you hear a song playing at Starbucks and you really want to know the name of it. Sound Hound is an app that identifies the song and the artist. It gives you the lyrics and the link to buy the song on iTunes.

Most college students don’t have the cash to shell out for new albums every week. Spotify is another great music app that lets you make playlists and listen to albums in their entirety for free!

Every college student has to read. Wouldn’t you like to know if the book you’re about to read is good? Good Reads is the perfect app for college students. Good Reads is an app, linked to a website, that allows people to review and rank books they have read. They can comment on the book and connect with other people that have expressed interest in the book. The app will also recommend books that are similar to the ones you have ranked and reviewed.

So what is a college student’s best friend? Wikipedia. Now accessing Wikipedia has never been easier. Wikipanion is the newest app from Wikipedia. You can access information from the website without going through an internet browser. It also syncs with the GPS on your phone so if you look up a location on Wikipanion it can show you where it is and how far you are from it. It makes it so much easier to find out which mall is closer, Lycoming or Nittany.

Other apps that can be beneficial include dictionary and thesaurus apps. Want to wow your friends  and professors with big words? These free apps are easy to use and can help you expand your vocabulary. The app also has a word of the day component to help you learn some new words.

Every student in LHU with a smart phone could really thrive with the use of these apps. Music, books, new words and quick info are what college students run on — that, and gallons of caffeine. All these apps are free to download from the app store.



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