Top 5 annoying things on Facebook

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

October 4th, 2012

1. Game Invites

There’s nothing better than getting on Facebook after a few days and seeing that you have a ton of notifications. But when it’s all game requests for FarmVille, you tend to get a little bothered and wish harm on those virtual crops.

2. #Hashtags

Hashtags are for trending topics on Twitter and Instagram, not Facebook. Placing the hashtag in front of words in a status serves no purpose and doesn’t do anything but give people the right to not put a space in between words.

3. Relationship status

If a stable couple puts their up relationship status that’s fine, but if you and your significant other break up every few minutes, then you should probably just keep that to yourself. No one needs to know that you went from “engaged” to  “it’s complicated” to “single” and back to “engaged” all in one hour.

4. Being tagged in random pictures

When I say random pictures I don’t mean ones from friends and family. I’m talking about the pictures of the fake neon green Nikes that are fifty percent off or the pictures that say something like “if you don’t like this picture in 10 seconds your car’s going to get a flat.”

5. Liking your own status

If you post a status on Facebook there’s no need for you to like it. Obviously you like it if you took the time to post it. This also goes for pictures; if you upload a new picture and its on YOUR page, why do you need to like it?


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