Bullfrog Brewery offers more than just brews

By Tiffany Jones
Guest Writer

October 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Jones
Bullfrog Brewery offers their own microbrewed beer as well delicious and unique entrees.

With Lock Haven located in between two larger towns, State College and Williamsport, it gives students opportunities to not only discover the town itself but also its neighbors. Both State College and Williamsport offer a variety in food, entertainment, and shopping that students may benefit from as they become more comfortable with the area. One of the venues that I have had a chance to visit is the Bullfrog Brewery. What makes this place unique is their in-house brewing, special touches with their flavors, and all of the food they serve is local, fresh, and free of additives.

The Bullfrog is located in downtown Williamsport on West Fourth St. and is right across the street from the Community Arts Center, which features plays and artists. There is also a convenient parking lot located right down the street, making the walk less than 2 minutes. The first thing I noticed in the brewery was the decor, with its large metal brewery vats that reflect the sunlight coming in from the windows that line the walls facing the streets.  It is a very comfortable setting with men socializing after work, couples having a light dinner and drinks, and families sitting at the lower tables. There is a wide variety of clientele and different seating arrangements, such as the bar area, high tables, and lower tables by the entrance. The website for The Bullfrog also lists nights where local musicians are featured so customers will know when there is going to be more activity.

In addition to featuring local musicians, the brewery changes the types of beer that they feature often and have a list of current beers on the website accompanied by descriptions of their tastes. Along with the beer list, their menu is featured on the website and the food uses ingredients from local bakeries and farms. With the uniquely brewed beer flavors, the food also has its own unique tastes that go above and beyond the usual tavern fare. The menu features items such as sandwiches with crawfish, crab cakes, chipotle chicken, smoked tofu wings, beer mussels, yellow fin tuna steak, and creole pork chops.

If you and your friends are looking for a night out of the town and not too far of a drive, the Bullfrog Brewery is open 7 days a week until midnight, sometimes later depending on business. With the movie theatre a block away, the brewery has an ideal location for friends that want to experience new food and drink and a new side of central PA. The website is bullfrogbrewery.com and it has more information regarding the complete menu, current brews, as well as upcoming musicians and events.

Please drink responsibly. The legal drinking age is 21 years old.


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