FreeRice allows students to fight hunger from dorms

By Ariel Guerra

October 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of

Sparked by the world hunger crisis,, a website with a clever trivia game, has helped feed five million people in the course of its five year lifetime.

The website, created by a Harvard University professor and then donated to the United Nations’ World Food Programme, uses a flash game fueled by sponsors to generate donations of rice to malnourished people in developing countries. For every correct answer, ten grains of rice are donated to these hungry nations.

According to The World Food Programme’s website, one in seven people in developing countries will go to sleep hungry tonight. With a few clicks of a mouse anyone can help feed these malnourished people, especially considering how simple and entertaining the game is. offers free education to everyone while simultaneously helping to end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people through donations. Facebook and Twitter provide free advertisement for those who support their cause; anyone using these social media websites can show their support for Freerice by downloading free banners and backgrounds off the site.

Anyone can visit and help feed one of those seven people that will go hungry tonight. The only thing needed is a desire to help and an internet connection!



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