International students share experiences

By Kayla Marsh
Colleen Rakowski
Staff Writers

October 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of Prue Butt
This semester’s international students got together for a group photo in front of the Lock Haven University sign.

Studying abroad is an opportunity worth taking and there is never a better time to do so than when you are in college. The cost is cheaper, the classes count toward your degree, and there are people to help you every step of the way. Students at Lock Haven who choose to study abroad will obviously study in different countries at different universities.  So what about the students that choose to come here? Why Lock Haven?

Francesca Marinucci, a junior communications major from Melbourne, Australia, said that she chose Lock Haven because she wanted “a small to medium sized school that had a strong communications department and would give me a good experience of an American college.” Marinucci is finishing up her degree here at Lock Haven.

This semester we are lucky to have more than one student studying from Australia. Prue Butt, a Junior Education major from Amidala, Australia, chose to study abroad in America hoping to meet new people and experience the American way of living. Also she chose to study in America to broaden her knowledge of different educational systems.

“I was particularly interested in comparing the education systems of America and Australia as I am an education major,”said Butt. She is here for one semester and will finish her degree at the University of New England in Amidala.

Yessica Sanchez is a student studying from Zacatecas, Mexico this semester with Lock Haven’s exchange school Institute Technologic y de Studios

Superiors de Monterrey. She said she chose Lock Haven because she wanted to improve her English.

“I wanted one place where they don’t have a lot of Hispanic people to help push myself to speak in English,” Sanchez said.

She has taken part in many of the trips this semester offered by the school. She has been to New York City and is going to Washington DC and this past weekend. Sanchez went to Niagara Falls with a few of her friends. She is taking advantage of the opportunities that she has to travel while she is here, as well as make new friends.

Both Australian girls were very willing to talk up their home country and encourage all students to not only study abroad, but to study in Australia.

“Australia is such a unique country that you can’t experience anything close to it anywhere else in the world,” Marinucci said.

Butt was more willing to talk about her university. “Studying at my university in Australia would be similar to studying here at LHU. You will meet the most down to earth, genuine people without getting lost or overwhelmed in Sydney or any of the other amazing cities Australia has to offer, Australia rocks.”

Sanchez agreed that it is important for students to study abroad. She said that you get to experience new things and meet new people. You also get to learn about an entirely different culture. Lastly, it can allow students to really learn a second language.

Studying abroad is a chance of a lifetime for students our age, and now is the time to do it! If you are interested in studying abroad or have any questions you can visit the Office of International Studies located in Akeley.

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