Lock Haven students perform original productions

By Caitlin Chciuk
Copy Editor

October 11, 2012

The University Players will be holding read-throughs and staged readings of several ten minute plays written by students.

Last spring, Dana Washington, an assistant professor of English, taught a playwriting class. Students in the class were required to write three plays and at least one of the plays had to be a ten minute long creation. This length can be difficult to capture, because writers have to get all of the conflict introduced and resolved in just ten minutes while still considering the impact it will have on its audience.

Keith Meredith, a sophomore English major, is extremely excited about the opportunity to have his play showcased. He explained, “As a writer… it’s just that feeling that you speak to people with your writing. You touch someone with your story.” He also added that being selected for the read through has motivated him to keep writing.

Meredith’s two plays, ‘Saturday with Pete’ and ‘A Ten Minute Conversation with the Man in the Mirror’, will be joining Aron Agerton’s ‘The Tale of St. Christie’ and ‘The Suburbs’, which was written by Louis Lopez. Other plays are Sandra Dougherty’s ‘Baggage’ and ‘A Dog’s Life’, and Christopher Rex’s ‘Reverse, Reverse’ and ‘Wasteland’.

The students come from a variety of academic majors. Both Agerton, a senior, and Rex, a sophomore, are Meredith’s classmates in the  English major. Lopez is a junior majoring in Theater, and Dougherty is a senior in the Health Sciences track, working to complete the Pre-PA program.

This event will be held on Friday, October 12 at 7 PM. The event is free and open to the public, and will take place in Sloan 321.


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