Top 5 tags on Instagram

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

October 11, 2012

1.  #throwbackthursday

Every Thursday Instagram timelines are flooded with pictures from the past. As funny as it is seeing old and embarrassing pictures of friends and family, seeing the same pictures every Thursday starts to get as old as those pictures.

 2. #thenandnow

This is almost like a “before and after”; users post older pictures along with present day and use the tag #thenandnow. This is cool because you can see what people looked like as a kid or earlier in life. But beware — you may catch yourself asking “what happened to you?”.

 3. #picoftheday

With this tag, people take their most random picture and tag it as the “picture of the day.” When searching this tag there’s no telling what could come up, but that’s the whole fun of it.

 4. #photoadaychallenge

With this tag people post pictures every day of one of the items on the challenge list.  While it’s a cool idea, people rarely finish the month-long challenge. Usually after day 4 or 5 people get tired of taking pictures of what’s in their cup and other random requests.

 5. #shoutouts

This is an extremely annoying tag taking over Instagram. People post pictures of friends and followers to help them gain followers. When I’m on Instagram I want to see some pretty cool pictures, not shout outs of a thousand different people I’m never going meet.


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