Women’s Center aims to ‘eliminate domestic violence’ in the community

from the Clinton County Women’s Center

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The Clinton County Women’s Center wants to take this time to thank our community and Lock Haven University students for all their support this past year.  We appreciate all the community service hours and the interns who have given up their time and energy to support our organization. Because of your support we were able to provide clients with 3,853 meals and 1,259 days of shelter.  We served 271 adults with children and 390 single individuals.

Unfortunately domestic violence is still very much a part of our community. During this month there are often graphic images of battered women. Relationships rarely start with this sort of physical battering.  In fact, early in the relationship abusers often seem charming, thoughtful and protective. Many individuals are flattered by the attention. As time goes by there are subtle signs that the relationship is unhealthy. By the time this becomes noticeable the victim often is so involved with their abuser that they overlook these behaviors.  Many make excuses such as “He is having a difficult time at work right now”’ or “He was drinking.”

The following are several import questions to ask yourself when you are in a relationship. Does your significant other:

  • Become angry if you spend “too much” time with friends and family?
  • Accuse you of flirting or of having an affair?
  • Call or drop by frequently or unexpectedly?
  • Check the mileage on your car?
  • Get angry if you come home late?
  • Question you extensively about where you were and who you were with?
  • Open your mail?
  • Keep you from seeing friends?
  • Call you names or ignore you?
  • Tell you what’s wrong with you in front of others?
  • Say no one else would want you?
  • Criticize how you dress or how you wear your hair and make-up?
  • Refuse to let you go out, block the doorway, take your car keys?

Do you find yourself:

  • Missing your friends and family?
  • Worrying about what he will think of your hair and how your dress?
  • Work so hard to please him that you feel worn out?
  • Feel like you are walking on eggshells to keep peace?
  • Feel sad, unworthy or unlovable, though you never felt that way before?

If you answered yes to more than one or two, or if any of these consistently occur you might want to consider asking for help.  The Clinton County Women’s Center is here to support.  We have a 24 hour hotline and everything is confidential.  The services are free and we know many options to help you get out of this unsafe situation.  The hotline number is 570-748-9509.

Our goal is to eliminate domestic violence in Clinton County and the Lock Haven University campus.


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