An Inexpensive Stay in NYC: The hotel Yotel

By Angela Fries
Lifestyles Editor

October 18, 2012

Yotel provides a hip and modern stay in New York city for a modest price tag. Walking onto ‘FOUR’ you’ll be greeted by the male hipster caribou statue. Set in the middle of Manhattan and only two blocks west of Times Square, Yotel combines the convenience of being in the heart of the city but won’t break your budget. Innovation meets comfort when staying at Yotel. Are you planning on arriving to the city early but don’t have anywhere to store your bags? Not a problem when staying at Yotel! They provide guests with a robot that will store your bags while you explore the city until it is time to check in! Forgot to bring a hair dryer? Yotel provides hair dryers and irons in every cabin. Along with the hair dryers and the iron, amenities include heated towel racks, a techno wall that has the ability to stream audio through an iPod/MP3 hookup, free WiFi, a safe and two organic body washes; one to rejuvenate and one to relax. They also provide complimentary tea, coffee and muffins from 7-10 a.m. on weekdays and 7-10:30 a.m. on weekends. Although the cabins are small, the space is used efficiently. The beds are convertible to help save on space. There is also a restaurant and bar in the hotel that is just as modern and fun as the hotel itself. If you’re looking for a modern and affordable place to stay in the heart of the city, Yotel might be the right hotel for you.



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