Wouldja look at that engagement!

Our Lifestyles Editor is officially off the market. Sorry fellas.

October 18, 2012

A huge congratulations to our Lifestyles Editor,Angela Fries , and LHU alumni, Tim Dolan, now betrothed after two and a half years of putting up with each other’s nonsense.

Tim proposed to Angela on Sat., Oct. 13, in the Gramurcy Tavern in NYC, after spending the day frolicking around the city and wooing her with a Broadway production of ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ Go big or go home, is what we here at The Eagle Eye always say (not really), but Tim Dolan, you done good, kid.

The two met in October 2009, through mutual friends, while attending a The Used concert in Allentown Pa (since Croc Rock is incapable of being a decent  venue, it might as well be a be a breeding ground for romance.) Too bad ol’ Tim had a girlfriend at the time. That didn’t last long.

The two kept in contact, and six months later, Tim nixed the girl and started a 200 mile long distance relationship with Angela for a year. Once the two moved in close proximity, they moved in together,this being the result:

The Eagle Eye would like to extend the warmest congratulations to the happy couple and cannot wait for their nuptials next Oct. Apparently Angela can’t either; she’s is already meeting with photographers and looking at different kinds of doilies (it hasn’t even been a week since the engagement.)


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