A local scare for a modest fare

By Angela Fries
Lifestyles Editor

October 25, 2012

Ghouls and mummies and zombies oh my! Spook Haven’s haunted house guarantees scares from the moment you get in line and at the low price of $10 it is hard to beat.

Spook Haven is a classic walk-through haunted house with exceptional makeup, special effects, props and actors.

Whether the actors are using masks or makeup, the realistic quality is sure to scare the pants off of the bravest of those who enter. The characters these actors dreamt up are those that are bred in nightmares.

Special effects and props aren’t those of the cheesy variety at Spook Haven. Many haunted houses don’t keep up with technology when it comes to props and special effects, making the experience campy at best.

The actors are very interactive with the guests. They try to figure out what scares you and play on it through the whole attraction.

Every year the attraction switches things up to keep it fresh and new for thrill seekers.

They open the ticket booth at 7 p.m. and stop selling tickets at 10 p.m. Getting there early will help to avoid the lines but if you don’t want to wait they do offer R.I.P. tickets which will move you to the front of the line.

Refreshments and souvenirs are sold at the attraction. Be sure to have cash handy because they do not accept checks or credit cards.

Spook Haven moved to a new location, 100 Danis St. in Mill Hall, the former Mill Hall Elementary school.

Spook Haven advises against entering the attraction if you have any of the following: asthma, claustrophobia, seizure prone or heart conditions.

If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween weekend, Spook Haven is the place to be.



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