Creativity Corner

 The Un-loved Prince

I took the time to pray, that one day I will follow the Golden Rule.
But, my prayers change to wishes.
I forgot who I was, so I started to lie to myself.
Because, the truth escaped from me.
And I just rather not leave my bed made, while I still lay in it.

The pressure was on my tongue and I started to swallow the hot stone.
I knew it would of been cruel, but I did it, because I thought I was better off without you.
God wouldn’t want this from me, so he wrapped my wish with a bow of all the things I’ve said to keep me clean.
But, I’m buried in the wickets dirt and covered in sin.

I knew I should have closed the window and stopped the cold from getting in.
But, it killed the disease that I use to be.

By Keith Meredith

Posted in: A&E

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