LHU athletes score in the classroom

By Robert Mohr
Staff Writer

October 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of Robert Mohr.
Men’s soccer player Terence Meehan hard at work

While your Lock Haven Bald Eagles are competing against fierce competition on the field, on the court, in the pool or on the mat, they are always looking to improve themselves academically.

Lock Haven’s athletes are held to high standard by their coaches and programs that make academics a high priority.

After the previous semester, 10 of the 16 sports teams improved their average team GPA’s.

However, it is not always easy; athletes have to make sacrifices in order to play their sport and maintain a GPA that keeps them eligible.

Many of the programs’ coaches require a certain type of mandatory study hall.

However, that doesn’t pose a problem for sophomore Men’s soccer striker, Nathanial Bowser.

“It (study hall) helps. It makes you take the time to do your work. It proves that a respectable GPA is still attainable with a busy sports schedule”

Bowser also explained how he and teammates deal with untimely away journeys that cause him and all of our student athletes to miss classes.

“I usually email my professor several days in advance and contact other classmates for information and notes” he explained as Men’s soccer’s GPA improved by .030 last semester.

Volleyball made a jump in the Lock Haven team GPA ranking table from 5th to 2nd in the course of a year.

“A lot of the time we take hour assignments with us to do in hotels and on the road” explained Kendra Fetzer, a sophomore psychology major from the team.

“We are required to do at least 2 hours per week if you are a team freshman. It helps you adapt to the college academic load” she said.

“The off season is easier because we don’t have as demanding of an athletic schedule” she continued “but I still take the same amount of credits in the fall and spring. I don’t see much difference in my grades.”

Women’s cross country has had the best GPA among our sports for the last two years holding firm with a 3.26 average.

The greatest improvement goes to Women’s Basketball who made big strides from last school year with .200 jump.

The average GPA of all the teams combined is just shy of 3.0 with 2.91. While as a whole, the student athletes improved the athletic program’s total aver GPA by .050 from the 2010-2011 school year.



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