Club Spotlight: HavenScope

By Caitlin Chciuk
Copy Editor

November 8, 2012

Photo courtesy of

If you’re interested in film and video production and would like some experience outside of the classroom, then be sure to check out HavenScope, the student-run television organization on campus.

Led by president Abraham Dunmeyer, the group currently consists of Alyssa Day, Sean Dougherty, William Leaman, Olawande Odeyemi, and Abby Lefin. Their meetings are held in Robinson 621 on Thursdays at 3 PM.

At a typical meeting, the club members will look at events going on around campus that may need to be filmed. Other clubs and organizations around campus often want the HavenScope team to film their events. In addition, the club discusses what they could film that would be helpful to the campus community or entertaining for students to watch. Once they have a few ideas out, Dunmeyer will teach the club members whatever they would like to learn about camera equipment and other aspects of filming, such as camera shots, interview techniques, and how to set up the camera.

“The overall point of HavenScope video production is to gain external experience outside of a classroom setting,” Dunmeyer said. “This is a club that teaches students to work as a team, how to speak in front of a camera, or work behind the scenes. It allows students to work with clients and figure out how to develop someone’s idea into a reality.”

The club is full of passionate students whose goals are to create entertaining and informative shows for the campus community. Their next project will be working on a comedy show. They are looking for other passionate, creative students who are interested in the world of film.

“The biggest thing we try to do is laugh instead of stress,” Dunmeyer said.

So if you’re interested in learning more about working in front of or behind a camera, or working with film production in general, be sure to check out HavenScope.



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