Student photographers go international in exhibit

By Lyndsey Hewitt
Staff Writer

November 8, 2012

Photo courtesy of Lyndsey Hewitt
Photos line Bentley’s wall, all part of the Student International Photography exhibit.

From iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower to captured moments in the daily lives of Guatemalan people, a wide range of destinations and subjects photographed by students are now on display in Bentley Hall Gallery.

The photos are part of the third annual International Photography Exhibition that is held by the Art Department with the help of Fine Arts Society (FAS), a student organization.

Students were encouraged to submit any kind of work with an international theme. It could even be a photo of a subject that simply shows culture outside of their own.

“This show is culturally inspired. We try to make it broad enough that any student can submit,” said FAS president LaKeshia Bauman.

The photos this year were judged by photographer Joseph Sorrentino. Sorrentino’s show, Aquí y Allá (Here and There), was on campus until Oct. 26.

“All of the images I selected were visually striking; not the kind of images you can just walk past.” Sorrentino explained.

”I entered the photo competition because I had so many pictures from my time in Guatemala and I wanted  to represent and pay tribute to the country that has been so influential in my life,” Meagan Arnold, a senior dual major in Spanish and Communication said.

Her image titled “Finalmente, Ser Amado” (Finally, to be Loved) depicts an infant that was abandoned at a hospital because her mother was unable to take care of her.

“These images are not just pictures to me. I remember the families, and the sentiments behind taking the pictures. I am hoping that the images will evoke feeling in those who view them, and also trigger a desire for some to go and experience visiting the country. It’s idealistic, but I really want to encourage others to go and help children and families like the ones in my pictures,” she said.

The winners were announced on November 7:

Meagan Arnold’s work won 1st place, while Daniel Reeder’s won both 2nd place and People’s Choice. 
Cassandra Englert won 3rd place and a Honorable Mention for her contributions.

The exhibition is open through Nov. 16.

Lyndsey Hewitt is a senior majoring in Communication Media.

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