Unique dining at a local restaurant

By Tiffany Jones
Guest Writer

November 8, 2012

Photo courtesy of hstew321.wordpress.com

With so many fast food restaurants in Lock Haven, looking for something new and different to eat can be a challenge. A local restaurant that has only been open for a couple of years now is changing the eating scene in Lock Haven with new and interesting dishes daily. Stella A’s has a main menu, but they also include daily specials which are always unique and worth trying.

Stella A’s is a very quiet, casual, but contemporary restaurant located downtown near the Roxy movie theatre on Main Street. The atmosphere is always relaxing and caters to mostly adults, although children are welcome.

According to the Stella A’s website, they are a “casual yet classy” restaurant that serves “American and Mediterranean cooking.”

There is a bar area where you can have a drink while waiting for your date or you can stay put and dine there. The bar area features several tables with a dining room off to the side of it and a fenced in patio out back with a view of the courthouse.

When the weather is warm, the patio offers a casual outdoor dining experience.

The atmosphere of Stella A’s is very relaxing for when you have a long week and want to unwind with a few drinks and a new and different tasting dish that you can’t find anywhere else in town.

One of the feature dishes is the Steak Cacciatore, which includes penne pasta, tenderloin steak tips, fresh tomato chunks and onions. There are a variety of feature dishes that include tilapia, veal marsala, filet mignon, delmonico, shrimp & scallop alfredo, stuffed grape leaves, and greek spaghetti.

They accept both cash and credit cards and menu prices range from $6.95 to $23.95, depending on if you’re stopping in for sandwiches or an entree.

Stella A’s is closed on both Sunday and Monday but is the perfect destination for a weekend date night.

There is always something new on the specials menu so be sure to stop by and ask what the daily soup and entree specials are!

Tiffany Jones is a senior majoring in Communication and can be reached at tjones@lhup.edu


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