Lg Intuition combines best features of phone and tablet

By Katie Hibbard
News Editor

November 15, 2012

Photo courtesy of amazon.com.

About a month ago, a Verizon Wireless representative contacted me and requested that I choose one of Verizon’s latest 4G LTE devices, test the device and write a review about said device. Throughout our correspondence, I grew more and more excited for the opportunity to publish the review – I didn’t actually care so much about receiving a high-end device to test for three weeks. At print time, however, I found I’ve changed my mind: I no longer care for writing the review because it means that I am one day closer to having to return my most valued piece of technology – the LG Intition.

Honestly, I found nothing significant about the Intuition’s phone features. You can make and receive phone calls, send and receive texts and picture or video messages, and you can receive all the contact information your friends share on their social networking sites.

Here’s why I fell in love with this phone/tablet – phablet, if you will.

This beautiful device has been my go-to guy (his name is Buddy) whenever a thought strikes me and I want to remember it for later – which happens frequently to a news editor/resident assistant/new home renter/early Christmas shopper/college student.

The Intuition’s QuickMemo feature keeps me on track by allowing me to either access and create new notes or, if I’m in a hurry, a nifty button at the top of the device takes a screen shot and lets me write whatever I need. This comes in pretty handy when a news story pops out of nowhere, or when I forget to bring a notebook to class.

On top of the tablet as a notebook feature, this phablet is perfect for college students in many other ways.

The camera, for one, is eight mega pixels with several awesome features including a flash (that actually helps), different focus options, ISO and white balance options, and an incredible zoom. Though it doesn’t perform wonderfully in a dim indoor setting, it takes beautiful outdoor shots and it’s front-facing camera – though considerably less quality – takes decent snap shots. The Intuition’s video features are also noteworthy. The quality is great, with very little lag time from the viewfinder to the screen. Sound comes out alright, but the phone’s speaker gives it a tinny quality – better to listen through headphones. Combine the sound and video quality with the awesome zoom and the results are a great video of Pat Benatar serenading me (and about 500 other people) with “We Belong.”

Another great thing about the Intuition is that it all but cures boredom. If you’ve got Wi-Fi or sufficient service to use 3G or 4G, there are a multitude of pre-uploaded apps – not to mention all the apps you can choose for yourself, along with – duh – internet access. The Intuition is very speedy, and it allows websites to be shown in full detail – unless the website you’re looking for has a set mobile view. You can do just about anything with the tablet that you could do with a laptop. Minus keyboard shortcuts.

Without internet access, there’s still plenty to do. Especially if you are a writer at heart. All you have to do is reopen QuickMemo and you’ve got your own personal journal at your finger tips. This journal can be kept completely private, especially thanks to the multitude of lock features available from the Intuition. Or, if you have an online blog, you can share any of your notes, jots, and stories with different websites – or friends, if you feel like sharing.

Furthermore, this piece of machinery is resilient. I’ve dropped the Intuition, switched it from pocket to pocket, left it in my bag full of other junk, and slid it across desktops. Despite all of this, I can find no discernable scratches, scuffs or other marks on its surface.

You may be wondering just how badly this incredible invention might break your bank. Truth is, compared to the 16 gig iPhone 5, it’s not so bad. A two-year contract upgrade will cost you about $150, while getting the Intuition full retail will cost about $600 – the iPhone costing about $200 or $650 respectively.

All in all, this phablet would be a wonderful addition to any college student’s supplies.



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