More questions than answers in ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’

By Kathleen Ellison
Staff Writer

“Once Upon a Time” has again thrown me into an abysmal swirl of theorizing and suspicion. For those of you who don’t know (the thought saddens me), “Once Upon a Time is a television show from “the creators of Lost, which airs Sundays at 9/8 central time on ABC, and is currently in its second season. The show takes place in a town called Storybrook, where fairy tale creatures have been banished to for the last 28 years because of a curse cast by the evil queen, Regina (Snow White’s evil stepmother).  The curse has been partially broken by Emma (daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming) in the last season.currently in the series, Emma and Snow are trapped in the fairy tale world with Princess Aurora and Mulan.

I must say that the second season certainly threw me and I have yet to recover. In every episode something unexpected comes up, like the fact that Frankenstein is a character! I must say that I am partially disappointed that they brought Frankenstein into this but they made up for it once they brought in Captain Hook. I can honestly say that I almost never know what is coming next in this show, which both pleases and frustrates me. These past episodes have brought up some really tough questions that have me constantly thinking about them.

All these questions are killing me and the fact that I have to wait two more weeks to find out the answers is not helping. At least there is plenty of time to re-watch my favorite episodes, which you can watch online at the official website, for free. This show is addicting though, especially for fairy tale lovers like me, with its mysteries, action, magic and humor, so beware.

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