Top 5 trending videos on Youtube

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

1. 50 Cent on QVC

Gangster rapper 50 Cent made a guest appearance on QVC. First of all I didn’t know QVC had guest appearances, and secondly out of all guests 50 Cent would be one of the last people I would imagine on QVC. I guess when you’re making millions your street cred doesn’t matter anymore.

 2. Jeff Gordon vs. Clint Bowyer

NASCAR meets MMA in this video clip of Jeff Gordon throwing haymakers at Clint Bowyer after Bowyer cut him off in a race, causing Gordon to have to drop out of the race. Now, I never watch NASCAR because it bores me, but if there’s going to be all out brawls I might have to start watching a few laps.

 3. Kobe Bryant Death Stare

If you’ve been keeping up with the NBA, I’m sure you’ve heard of the struggles the Lakers have encountered since acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. This clip shows Kobe giving now former head coach Mike Brown a very intense stare down that fans have named the “death stare.”

 4. John Stewart vs Fox News

Fox News is a more of Republican-based news network, so when it came to the election, in their opinion Romney was going to win by a landslide. This video from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart shows the host making fun of clips from Fox News before and after the presidential election.

 5. Bill O’Reilly “Whites the Minority”

On Election Day, political analyst Bill O’Reilly stated that the country’s demographics are changing and that the white establishment is no longer the majority. He then went on to say “there is 50 percent of the public that want STUFF and Obama will give them those things.” First off, you’re a political analyst all over television and you couldn’t come up with more intelligent words than ‘stuff’ and ‘things’?  Secondly by saying that Obama is the one that will help that 50 percent, what was that saying about Romney? I think the Republican Party needs to get it together if they ever plan on being in the White House again.


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