International students get the full experience of an American city

By Kayla Marsh
Staff Writer

November 29, 2012

This Thanksgiving I decided to travel to Chicago with three of my good friends: Francesca Maranucci, a junior from Melbourne Australia; Prue Butt, a junior from Armidale  Australia; and Mario Fenari, a senior from Sardinia, Italy. We left early Tuesday morning to start the long journey to the Windy City. After 8 hours of the barren fields of Ohio and multiple rest stops, we finally arrived in Chicago. No offense to anyone in Ohio but, is there anything there? After we checked into our hotel we went for dinner and all had some of the most amazing burgers that we had ever encountered at the Wellsboro Grill. Since we had a long day driving we decided to turn in early that night.

The next day we went on a Segway tour of Chicago. We went all around Chicago; from the famous Chicago “Bean” to Soldier Field where the Chicago Bears play. After the Segway tour we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant called The Bowl, another great eat. We went to bed that night content with our full stomachs.

The following day was Thanksgiving and we met up with friends of Mario to have an amazing Turkey Dinner, as everyone should on Thanksgiving.  Just a tip: stay in touch with the international students that you meet, as you may get an amazing Thanksgiving dinner out of it. Mario’s friend James studied abroad in Sardinia and through simply being Facebook friends we ended up at his house 12 years later for a Thanksgiving dinner. The next day being Black Friday, of course we went shopping. We got some amazing deals and some amazing finds. After all the shopping we decided to end our night with ice skating in Millennium Park.

Our last day in Chicago was more exciting than any of our other days. We decided to visit the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, which is the tallest building in the United States. The biggest attraction in the Willis Tower is the Skydeck, which is a glass balcony built into the tower on the 110th floor. Tourists stand on the Skydeck and can see straight down 110 floors. It’s an adrenaline rush to say the least.

After the great high that was the Skydeck we were planning on going to dinner and heading home but, we ran into a little trouble. When we returned to spot where our car was parked, it wasn’t there. It turned out that the car had been towed. After a lot of money, seedy back alleys, the fear of deportation and many rude people later we finally got the car back. After the car fiasco, we had dinner and headed home to LHU. My bed had never looked so comfy to me.

Kayla Marsh is a junior majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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