Student government board to ‘voice student concerns’

By Jessica Joseph
Guest Writer

November 29, 2012

The Student Government Board (SGB) elected their main officers and is taking the next step forward in planning events for students for the upcoming spring semester.

Junior Brittney Zeller was voted in as chair, while senior Megan Mittal will take the vice-chair position. SGB’s treasurer and secretary will be junior Steven Marks and senior Lyndsay Hepler respectively.

The SGB is an organization newly formed to help students with any concerns they have about the university. They hope to act as a relay service for the students and university officials.

“Our goal is making the campus better for the students; they could best help us by giving us feedback and telling us what they like or do not like about the campus,” Zeller said in an email interview.

This semester the organization will be focusing on getting their name out to students on campus. The SGB wants students to know that they have a place to turn to when they are having a problem with the university.

“I see the future of the SGB being very positive. The SGB is well on its way to being a great and vital avenue for students’ concerns and issues across campus,” senior Brent Barge, the SGB’s student trustee, said in an email interview.

Barge said that the SGB is planning on having different outlets for students to voice their opinions, such as open sessions on Ivy Lane and in the PUB, and a “text your concern” service which they plan on implementing soon.

“If students don’t bring their concerns, the SGB cannot work on improving them,” Barge said.

The SGB will do more for the students on campus than voice student concerns; they will also review new and existing student clubs and organizations on campus, form policies for making those decisions and make recommendations to administration regarding student policies and practices.

“The SGB is the only governing body that exists for student organizations,” Linda Koch, vice president of student affairs, said in an email interview.

Koch will send SGB’s chairperson, Zeller, to the system office in Harrisburg to represent LHU as a student leader.

“There will be important issues that may arise regarding student fees this year and I look forward to an active SGB for discussions,” she said.

Zeller said that the short term goal of the organization is to get their name out around campus. The SGB’s long term goals are to have students come to them and feel comfortable about giving them feedback and letting them help.

“I love the idea of a club that is for helping the students. There have been many issues that I wanted to voice but I never knew where to go to,” Brittany Terranera, a sophomore early childhood education and special education major, said.

For students looking to get involved, contact Jodi Smith, Brent Barge, Brittney Zeller, or like them on facebook at

Jessica Joseph is a sophomore majoring in communication. She can be contacted at


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