Touch of China on Main Street: Shanghai Restaurant

By Dusty Guerra
Staff Writer

November 29, 2012

There are three ways to get something: good, fast and cheap. Pick two. After all, there’s nothing out there that’s good, fast and cheap, especially when food is concerned. Or is there?

For Lock Haven students, finding good food on a budget is always a struggle. Finding good quality Chinese food (we’ll leave Bentley’s attempts out of this) is even more difficult. However, Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Main Street has risen to the challenge.

As a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine, I couldn’t be happier that Shanghai is in Lock Haven.

Though there is limited seating, The Shanghai offers freshly made, authentic Chinese food and fast service at a budget that even a college student can afford.

A small order of most entries is still enough to fill a plate and can run as little as five dollars. Large portions or dinner entries cost more, but are almost certainly enough for two or will provide some leftovers for later.

In particular, I’m a fan of the black pepper chicken, which may be the most delicious I’ve had. Their General Tso’s Chicken has developed a near cult status among my friends.   For those of you with vegetarian inclinations, the broccoli and mushrooms and the buddha’s delight are excellent and always served searing hot.

Located only a few blocks away from campus, The Shanghai is an easy walk for most students as well as a convenient stop after a catching a movie at the Roxy.

The Shanghai also makes freshly brewed tea, sweetened almost to the consistency of syrup if you feel so inclined to give it a try. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, the occasionally sell imported drinks from China.

For the convenience of those late night study and paper writing sessions, Shanghai is open until 11 on most nights. Delivery service is also available for any order that costs at least ten dollars and take out is always an option.

Though there are a fair number of dining options available in Lock Haven, good, fast and affordable Chinese food is pretty hard to beat.  Then again, that’s pretty hard to find anywhere. Next time Bentley Hall just isn’t going to cut it, give some thought to a walk to Shanghai; the Shanghai Restaurant that is.

Dusty Guerra is a senior getting his second bachelor’s degree in history. His first degree is in journalism. He can be contacted at


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