Graduating from a changed university

By Caitlin Chciuk
Copy Editor

December 6, 2012

As my time at Lock Haven University comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the past four-and-a-half years. It’s amazing to me that my college career has flown by so quickly. What’s even more amazing is how much about LHU has changed.

When I first came to look at the school in 2007, my first stop was Akeley. My mom and I went in through the back door of the building and were greeted at the round desk. Now when prospective students come to visit LHU, they go in through the bottom of Durrwachter Alumni Center, the beautiful new building at the edge of campus that does not get utilized nearly enough, in my opinion.

The Writing Center, of which I’ve been an employee for over three years, was located in Raub 409. We were moved to the library last fall, and the university is still not using our old room. Tutoring services was located at East Campus. Now the Writing Center and Tutoring Center coexist in the Wollock Learning Commons on the second floor of the library.

The library, of course, has changed too. To make room for the Wollock Learning Commons, hundreds of books were either moved or discarded from the second floor. Over the summer, I listened to maintenance workers take out more and more shelves from the second floor to move media services up from the bottom floor. The library has a completely different feel to it now than it did my first few years here; sure, it’s still a place for learning, but it doesn’t feel like a library anymore.

And finally, one of the biggest and most obvious changes has been the Suites. My favorite parking lot, known as the “Silk Mill,” was located where the Suites now stand. That parking lot was where people would park when they came to see the University Players’ shows. While working at the box office this semester, I received multiple calls and emails about where people should park when they come to the shows. I was not sure what to tell them.

For the four-and-a-half years that I have been enrolled here, I’ve watched LHU go through many, many changes. I honestly can’t say there are many changes that I have enjoyed or that have benefited me as a student. While I love the school and am happy that I spent my college career here, I will say that I am nervous about the fact that things will continue to change even after I’m gone. I’ve hated watching our performing arts department deteriorate. I’m sick of watching majors completely disappear.

LHU students, do yourselves and the alumni a favor: Fight back if you hear that something that makes a difference in your education is being cut or changed. Don’t sit idly by while programs and majors fall under. Even if it isn’t your major or program, chances are it is important to someone. Stand up for yourself, your peers, and the education that you all are paying for.


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