Lil’ Giants take powderpuff tourney

Associated Press

 December 6, 2012

Photo courtesy of Justin Wartella.

Photo courtesy of Justin Wartella.

The Lil’ Giants won the 2012 Sport Administration Society (SAS) Powder Puff Football Tournament that took place over the past 3 weeks making it the their third straight year winning the tournament.

Led by Erin Smith, Alexa Reynolds, Karyn Rubright, Bree Orth, Tierney Haselhoff, Jill Dennes, Cassie Beach, Sydney Gregory, Brittney Ferrizzi, Madison Fye, Liz Tanner, Amy Jugan and Jessica Cherry, the Lil’ Giants breezed into the title game by manhandling their competition.

Playing the role of Rex Ryan and the NY Jets in this tournament was team Back That Pass Up led by Sport Administration majors Donnie Fisher, Jon Nally, Andrew Morda, Andrew Quigley, and Brendan Houck who built a so-called “dream team,” guaranteed a title and a win over the mighty Lil’ Giants, but failed to even get the opportunity to play them in the title game as they found out they were overmatched in their coaching abilities.

The staple of the Lil’ Giants was once again their defense, which only allowed 2 scores on them the entire tournament.  Not to be outdone was the offense, which ran the option attack to perfection despite losing Smith to injury for the title game with Reynolds connecting with Rubright, Smith, Orth, and Dennes on numerous scoring drives.

The title game was built as the “the upstart versus the program” with a well-coached Barrett’s Bruisers’ team coached by Matt Barrett  giving the Lil’ Giants all they could handle, but eventually did not have enough to prevent a third straight


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