Netflix killed the video store

By Lyndsey Hewitt
Staff Writer

December 6, 2012

It’s really sad working at a video store as time progresses. I work at West Coast Video in Mill Hall. I love that place and I’m going to be really sad to leave it when I graduate college, but it may very well go out of business before that. Before West Coast I worked at Blockbuster, until they went out of business, and even before that I worked at the Roxy. Obviously, I love movies.  However, most hobby shops are becoming extinct. How often do you come across a music store anymore?

The lack of interest in video stores is really depressing, considering the fact that we have a much bigger selection than Redbox and On Demand. Sometimes we get movies over a month before Netflix and Redbox. That’s not an advertising ploy. That’s real talk. And honestly, our prices aren’t bad at all. I’ve watched movies through On Demand. I even had Netflix at one point. On Demand new releases are more expensive than our store’s prices. Netflix? I canceled that because of the mailing process. At times I would leave a disc sitting in my room for a month before I finally took it to the mailbox. It was a waste of a subscription. Plus, most of their streaming selection is terrible.

Whatever happened to interacting with real people to get your products? Now it’s just automated checkouts and vending machines. Every time I go to Walmart and see a family gathering around a Red Box with their credit card to choose a movie, I just shake my head. Every time I go to Sheetz and see the Blockbuster touch screen machine sitting outside, I think, “Well, there’s where my job went.”

We complain about the loss of jobs in America but yet we contribute to it a lot of the time by utilizing these machines. Next time you’re in Walmart, try using a checkout with a real person, or stop by your local video store to get your movies. Stop by any of your local hobby shops. More than likely they’re on the brink of going out of business. There’s no harm in interacting with other people.

As a society we are isolating ourselves more and more as technology takes over. At times I think some people would not leave their home at all if they could get everything through their television or computer.

Lyndsey Hewitt is a senior majoring in communication media and can be reached at


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