Police Reports


Smith Hall – Underage drinking with possible alcohol in room, referred to student Life.

Bentley – Theft of merchandise in store.

Evergreen Commons – Driver given verbal warning after a traffic stop sign violation.


Fourth Street – Driver given verbal warning after a traffic stop sign violation.

Bennage Ave – Assisted other agency in domestic violence call.  PSP requested assistance before our arrival PSP cancelled, situation under control.

Spring Street – Driver given verbal warning after a traffic stop sign violation.

Railroad Street– A male walking with an open container, male warned and released after dumping the alcohol.


McEntire Hall– Female instructed to report that her and her ex-boyfriend broke up.  She is concerned he will not let her alone.  Report completed as a precautionary measure.  No action taken at this time.

McDonald’s – Report of a disorderly male who was being disruptive and highly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at restaurant.  Male transported to LHER for MHMR.


Lock Haven Hospital – Assisted other agency with an overdosed person, individual highly combative and very disruptive.


High Hall – Marijuana pipe

found in a sweatshirt and turned

over to our office.

Fairview Suites– A male possibly contemplating suicide.


North Fairview Street – Assist LHPD with highly intoxicated male suspect and individuals refusing to disperse from the area.  Male suspect was out of control.  Suspect transported to LHER as a precautionary measure.  

Maple Street– Possible domestic dispute, LHPD was unable to respond.  Female yelling at male, male wanted to pick up son to save a trip.  Male was advised to get a Custody Order.



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