Top 5 reasons why Winter break cannot get here fast enough

Christian Perry
Staff Writer
December 6, 2012

1. Class

Who really likes having to wake up early and go to class? Even though we all dread it,  its really not as bad in the beginning of the semester. Now after 12-13 weeks of class, multiple exams, Lock Haven’s unusual weather, and hours upon hours of studying and writing papers, getting out of bed gets harder and harder everyday.


2. Tests

Week after week, test after test, studying all those nights that you could be out enjoying yourself with friends, maybe having a few drinks at the Fallon for quarters night. But you can’t, all because you have a test on Friday that you haven’t studied for until the night before.


3. Homesick?

At the beginning of the semester, everyone’s excited to get back to school and get away from the control of their parents (not to mention party a little). But right around the end of the semester all you want is a home cooked meal and your bed because we all know Bentley food and those little bunks in the dorm can’t cut it for too much longer.


4. Essays

If you’re like me you’re sick and tired of having to write papers. Five pages here, seven pages there, it starts to add up after a while and I for one am tired of killing trees! Plus I think I’ve been typing so much I’m starting to develop Carpal Tunnel.


5. Christmas/New Year’s

There’s nothing like spending time with family and friends during the holidays, giving and receiving gifts, and spreading the Christmas spirit. Then there’s New Year’s; you meet with all your friends and family to bring in a new year filled with new possibilities and resolutions that will last for only the first few weeks of the year. And I’m sure we all have the friend or family member that has a little too much fun and passes out before the ball drops.


Christian Perry is a senior majoring in communication.


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