A Look at Diversity

By Chris Gill
News Editor

February 7, 2013

Dr. Dwayne Marshall, professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, has been an integral part in the Diversity movement at Lock Haven University.  He a member of  Safe Zone and has helped establish a chapter of the historically African American Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi.

Recently, he was a recipient of the Meriam B. Harris Excellence Award. Dr. Marshall offered his thoughts on the issue of diversity at our university.  He explained some of the activities on campus students can get involved in to better understand cultural diversity.

“My suggestion is partake in programs that are being offered,” he says. “For example the international program recently had a social event for students coming from other countries.”  He encourages students to participate in some of these events   meet other students and learn about them and their cultures.

Marshall mentions some of the challenges faced by students coming to this area for the first time and how others can help them acclimatize.

He says these students often experience a culture shock and need to be made to feel more comfortable in this area.

When Marshall talks about his involvement with LHU’s diversity programs,

“My most proud moments are when former students or current students come back to acknowledge they are appreciative for these services I have provided to them. I get to see the rewards of my work and it makes me feel good.”

Chris Gill is a junior majoring in secondary education.




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