Catcher by Karis Ritzman

February 7, 2013

There’s beauty in the silence

Breath catching in my throat, gasping, scratching,

Nothing else to say

No words can stop the pain I see in your eyes

Eyes that dare me to try to understand

Eyes that have seen what I can scarcely even


I can’t.

Sorrow pushed to the back of your mind, too strong

To let them see you fall

Hold yourself up high, grab the sun standing on your own tall shoulders

Reckless, with no one to hold you when you hit the ground again—

Here I am, open arms waiting

Praying I have the strength

Not to let you fall

And maybe even stop you

Before you drop too far.

Karis Ritzman is a freshman majoring in English and can be contracted at kdr5662@lhup.ed



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