Fashionology 101 with Dayna Bloch

Make a clean break from your sweats

 February 7, 2013

As the weather continues to deliver freezing rain and snow, we need to remind ourselves that we own things other than sweatshirts and the beloved yoga pants. When getting ready for class, work, or just a lunch date with some friends, it’s important to put effort into your outfit; you never know what’s going to happen in the day, or when you will need to look your best.

Shopping for your wardrobe is not always about grabbing the latest trend. Picking out pieces that you love will make getting ready in the morning so much easier because you will be pleased with what you find hanging in your closet.

Constantly buying the newest fashion trends can be costly and quickly give you a dated look as the trends continue to change. It’s better to learn how to purchase pieces that flatter your body and, more importantly, your personality.

Possibly the most important thing in building a statement wardrobe is the idea of quality versus quantity. Going for high-quality clothing will not only last you a few seasons, but will also keep you looking classy and constantly put together.  On just about every occasion, pieces such as a tailored blazer and dark-wash jeans will give off a sophisticated, chic vibe versus the lazy feeling that comes off of old sweats.

It’s a common misconception that mixing certain patterns is a no no; however mixing no more than two completely different patterns can often be more appealing than matching colors. Consider

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

layering a leopard-print blazer over a nautical-stripe top; it shows that you have a confidence in your style and suggests you have a good feel for fashion even if you’re not wearing the newest trend.

As for accessories, they often catch the eye and play a big role of how your outfit is portrayed; a printed scarf or statement necklace can go a long way in creating an impression of style. It’s good to get creative when buying your accessories, especially if your wardrobe is full of basic pieces.

Each accessory you buy should bring something different to your closet, each piece doesn’t have to match perfectly or even belong in the same color scheme. Bringing in bold accessories such as bright pair of shoes or a big ring adds little chic touches to every outfit.

When working with accents for your outfit, it’s important to keep them to a minimum. Too many necklaces or bracelets crawling up your arm will take away from your overall appearance. You want to give off an impression of defined style, not an eclectic mess of accessories.

Something as simple as a black sheath dress paired with a long necklace and a colored blazer will show off a level of confidence that is often needed when headed to a new class, presentation or an interview.

When you opt for putting on baggy sweat pants, your day is more likely to feel sluggish and your mood tiresome. To pick out an outfit that looks well thought out, you choose to present yourself in a stylish and sophisticated way.   You don’t need to prepare for a Hollywood event every morning, but showing you care about your appearance can be just as flattering as a red-carpet dress.

Dayna Bloch is a sophomore majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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