Five movies you should have seen over vacation

Kathleen Ellison
A&E Editor

February 7, 2013

While gorging yourself on cookies and candy with family, there were many films hitting the box office and coming out on DVD. Hopefully you didn’t miss out on these great chances at spending some quality time with the family enjoying some adventure, action and comedy. I know, what you’re thinking: what marvels did I miss? Fortunately, it’s not too late to see some on the big screen, but you’ll have to wait until the DVD comes out for the rest. However, it’ll be worth the wait.

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5.   Brave

This story of rough-around-the-edges Scottish princess, who must defeat an ancient curse. It’s a nice treat on a snowy day with family now that it’s out on DVD. Although it is a far cry from some of the other Pixar movies, it is still a lovely story. The artwork is spectacular, some of the best I’ve seen. It was also nice to see a kick-butt princess.

4.   Moonrise Kingdom

This recently out on DVD movie is about pair of kids who decide to run off together causing a whole tiny New England town to go out searching for them. It is hilarious, original and so endearing. The cinematography and characters are unique and wonderful. Trust me buy this one.

3.   Django Unchained

This Tarantino film is about a freed slave rescuing his wife from an evil plantation owner is a must see. It is one of Tarantino’s best films. The directing style and plot are unique, and the acting and costumes superb. The action, well-written script and imagery easily engages the audience. Overall it’s a good movie.

2.     Les Misérables

The enduring tale of the convict Jean Valjean in 18th century France, and his decision to help a factory worker’s daughter has long been a popular story. It is a spectacular movie, and the acting is phenomenal. The costumes and visuals are magnificent. This movie is still incredibly amazing in its themes and characters.

1.     The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The long awaited movie for the fans of Lord of the Rings has finally appeared. This story of Bilbo Baggins’s adventure to the Lonely Mountain with some crazy dwarves is amazing! It has action and wonderful humor. I almost went twice but then I remembered I was a poor college student. For some it might be slow at the beginning, but the sheer detail and imagery and special effects is mind-blowing, making it a must see.

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