Happening Outside the Haven: International News for the Week

By Dusty Guerra
News Editor

February 7, 2013

Africa: French and Malian troops have been fighting Al-Qaeda rebel groups in Northern Mali. After three weeks of fighting and air strikes, France continues to ask for a U.N. Peacekeeping Mission

Mid-East: Israel has been ordered by the U.N. to end its illegal settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Israel has responded by accelerating construction, arresting Palestinian leaders and refusing to allow Human Rights Committee investigators evaluate the settlements.

Asia: Afghanistan and Pakistan work towards peace agreement in the region. They have urged Taliban leaders to take part in talks. The Taliban still refuses to communicate with Kabul.

Europe: United Kingdom House of Commons approves Same Sex Marriage by overwhelming majority. The law must now go before the House of Lords for final approval.

South-East Asia: U.S. and South Korea warned North Korea against further ‘atomic tests’, such as rocket launches. At the same time, South Korea has successfully launched its first satellite into space.

Dusty Guerra is a senior majoring in history. He also holds a degree from LHU in Journalism. He can be reached at Aguerra@lhup.edu


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