Keeping that college mentality

By Christopher Gill
News Editor

February 7, 2013

So the time has come for us all to begin getting up early again. Gone are the days when we could sleep till noon (depending on schedules). It’s time for early mornings and long walks in the bitter cold that is this winter.

After such a long break it can be difficult getting back into the swing of things. For myself I haven’t been in school for two years, so I can definitely sympathize with those of you out there struggling to get to class each day.

The most important thing in being successful this semester is going to be your own self-discipline. We are all adults, or close enough to take responsibility for our own actions.

My first suggestion is cut out any mid-week partying. I know it seems like its no problem to go to class hungover or just to miss one or two, but it can really come to bite you in the ass at the end.

Save the drinking and getting blasted for weekend nights so then you have at least a day to get over the stupid life choices you may have made the night before; as an addition to that, no one wants to sit by the person who reeks of booze. Not to mention, the odds of picking up the significant other really drop when you come off as drunken, lazy, and stupid.

My next piece of advice would be to utilize whatever downtime you have. If you’ve got a break between classes use that to bust out an assignment. It may not be due for a week but consider the free time you could be spending if it was done now.

I acknowledge that there are some things that are out of our hands, such as the weather, which can lessen the desire to go to class. My only advice is the same your parents have been giving to you all your lives, bundle up.

I know personal responsibility seems like a foreign concept to some of you but it is time to wake up because adulthood is here, embrace it. You should savor every eight AM lecture, linger in the library reading all you can, and enjoy yourself responsibly while you are here; because I can tell you after college real life hits home and it isn’t filled with as many weekends, days off, or nearly as much free time.

So while you have the time to take classes and your biggest responsibility is a test or paper enjoy your life. Remember the hard stuff comes after college. This is the best time of our lives so enjoy those assignments and manage your time well.

 Chris Gill is a junior majoring in secondary education and can be contacted at


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