Library offers New Tech, New Location

By Dusty Guerra
News Editor

February 7, 2013

Any student who frequents the library can’t help but notice the changes during this academic year. Last semester, there was a large empty area on the second floor. Over break, the Media Services desk was constructed in this space and the Media Center, which has long been in the basement of the Stevenson Library, has been relocated to take advantage of this space. Though construction is still under way, employees of the Library say they expect it will be completed before the end of the semester.

The Media Services Center offers Lock Haven students a wide number of features, including projectors, Netbook and Mac computers, cameras, video cameras, graphic calculators and voice recorders. The center also contains several computer stations for media use and offers a large number of DVDs available to rent. Services available behind the desk include laminating and poster printing.

In addition to the traditional services offered at the Media Center, Lock Haven will soon be renting out I-pads for student use as well.

Apps have come a long way in the past couple years,” says Library Director Joby Topper. “Particularly in education.”

“We’ll be able to circulate 25 I-pads, starting this Friday,” says Lock Haven’s Digital Initiatives, Archives and Media Technician, Bernadette Heiney.

Heiney explained that the decision to move the center was made a year ago, at the same time the Tutoring Center was moved to the second floor.

“The Media Center continues to grow, so it seemed a good idea,” she says.

Heiney also explained what would be done with the space in the basement, saying that smaller shelves would be put there and couches and chairs set up so the students have another place to study.

Dusty Guerra is a senior majoring in History. He previously earned a degree in Journalism from LHU. He can be contacted at



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