A ‘cheesy’ Phi Sigma Pi fundraiser

By Caleb Whitesel
Guest Writer

February 14, 2013

Lock Haven’s very own, Phi Sigma Pi, will be hosting a grilled cheese dinner in the East Campus Gym to support Teach For America, the fraternity’s alma mater.

The event is to take place on Wednesday, Feb. 20 from 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. To gain entrance to this all you can eat meal, you only need four dollars at the door.

If you do find your way to this event, the fraternity is also accepting school supplies as donations towards Teach for America – a national organization that helps to educate children in poverty.   A dollar will also be taken off the price of admission

Veteran fraternity member, Colleen Rakowski said, “Last year we had a pancake dinner similar to this that was a great success and we’re really hoping to repeat that so we can raise some money for Teach for America.”

“We’re accepting anything from colored pencils to staplers.” Said Rakowski. So make sure to swing East Campus for some grilled cheese on Feb. 20!

Caleb Whitesel is a senior majoring in communication and can be contacted at cwhitese@lhup.edu.


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