Happening Outside the Haven: International News for the week

By Dusty Guerra
News Editor

February 14, 2013

Asia: North Korea conducted an underground nuclear bomb test this week. The U.N. has condemned the act, calling it provocative and a danger to the region. North Korea remains defiant, claiming the test is a reaction to U.S. hostility

Europe: The French Assembly passed the Gay Marriage Bill, 320-299. If the bill passes the higher legislation, it will not only change marriage laws but also allow same sex couples to adopt children.

Mid-East: Israel approves another round of settle homes. The U.S. and Palestinians protest the continued creation of further illegal settlements.

Afghanistan: Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford takes control of U.S forces in country. Dunford will be the final commander in Afghanistan.

Africa: Kenya held it’s first televised Presidential debate. In the midst of this, Uhuru Kenyatta, the deputy Prime Minister, is facing charges by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.


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