Top 5 gifts for your Valentine

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

February 14, 2013

1. Pandora Bracelet

For those of you fellas that don’t know what a Pandora Bracelet is, I’ll explain. A pandora bracelet is a charm bracelet. Which is perfect for holidays like Valentine’s day and birthdays—actually, any holiday. All you do is buy the bracelet, and when the holidays come, get a charm. What could be easier?

2. Edible Arrangement

Okay, this is a little pricier, but it’s one of the best gifts you can buy for your lady. An Edible Arrangement is a bouquet of fruit arranged to look like flowers.  It’s pretty awesome, and if you’re lucky, she’ll share!

3. Roses

Any man should know that roses are a perfect gift for Valentine’s day, especially if your girlfriend is hard to shop for. Roses are a great gift, but you might need to do a little more.

4. Chocolate

There’s nothing like getting your Valentine a box of chocolate.  All women love chocolate. It’s a given, and perfect if your funds are as low as the average college student.

5. Card

Nothing can tell her how you feel like a card. Well, maybe thats not true, but if you don’t have  a lot of cash and you don’t know what to do, then just grab a Valentine’s day card, write a little poem on the inside, and you’re golden. You might want to get a teddy bear too, because just a card might not be enough.

Christian Perry is a senior majoring in communication.


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