Why Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad

By Sarah Eckrich
Staff Writer

February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day often inspires terror, agitation, disgust, and frustration. It’s quite frequently touted as just another Hallmark holiday and another excuse for the crazier side of any relationship to make the other half “prove” him/herself.

But, there’s a lot more to this admittedly widely commercialized holiday than meets the eye of the skeptic.

First, I would like to point out that the same thing we all love about Halloween (okay, that I love at least) is true about V-Day: candy galore. I couldn’t care less if it comes in a box that is square or heart-shaped, red or gold, or just clear cellophane. Candy is candy.

This is where being single is really a blessing come the holiday of couples. You get to buy all the chocolate and sugary goodness your little heart desires, and your fellow shoppers just assume you are being a super awesome boyfriend or girlfriend.

The second wicked cool part of V-Day may not apply to most of us now, but we all have good memories of it. It’s a holiday that allows young kids in school to have a party. When I was in elementary school, we always got to decorate boxes for our Valentine’s treats. I still have one that I made; it’s covered in pink, red, and white hearts cut out of construction paper.

This healthy tradition should also be implemented in the workplace. I know I love days when people bring in treats. But I digress.

The next perk of V-Day comes from a clever coworker, and was verified by the contents of a friend’s mail. It’s the perfect holiday for anyone in the business of selling sex to have a huge sale. Whether you like to have a chest full of toys for gettin’ freaky, or you’re just looking to buy some cute new underwear, this is a good day to do it.

The impact of cute underwear is not to be overlooked. Every good woman knows that a cute pair inspires a confident start to any day.

So pull on your prettiest panties and get ready to go out, even if you are single. Because this Valentine’s day, everyone has something to celebrate: the new “Die Hard” movie. I tend not to get jazzed about TV or movies much, especially anything labeled “action,” but I think we can all agree that an exception should be made here.

Then, after you see the new movie, you can go out to eat at one of the many places featuring V-Day specials. While some specials cater solely to couples (discrimination!), many realize that the world is not comprised only of paired-up people.

Finally, if you can’t find a reason here to be team V-Day, you can always go to the bar, or organize your own event for people who hate Valentine’s Day.

You can find a social haven in mutual hatred (or you can just ignore that it’s a holiday at all).

The options are endless on this day that has something to offer everyone. Take me for instance. This Valentine’s Day you can find me doing the usual: drinking a Grateful Dead and eating wings at Hangar.

Sarah Eckrich is a sophomore majoring in English Writing with a minor in Environmental Studies. She can be contacted at seckrich@lhup.edu.


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